Essential Tips For Gluten Free Catering

Some people have specific allergies to any food ingredients. Especially in case of gluten intolerance. Gluten is a protein that can cause coeliac disease. Gluten can be found in barley, wheat, oats and rye. The gluten intolerance person can face the following symptoms when they consume gluten




Abdominal Pain

These symptoms seem to be minimal in front of other severe reaction caused by other allergies but think if your gluten intolerant and you have to go through these every time you consume the food, containing gluten. That will make your life tougher and you will always be a caution to eat anything. 

 The solution to this problem is that you will be looking at the contents of your food before eating and always buy the gluten-free product. Now markets have a range of gluten-free products, so it is convenient for anyone to go to supermarkets and buy those products.

But what if a person has to attend the event where they will be consuming food and that food is not gluten-free. Or you are organizing the event and your important guests have communicated to you that they are gluten intolerant, so it means you cannot offer them regular food otherwise they will be feeling sick at the event after consuming the food.

 It is always recommended that you must be hiring a catering companies in Melbourne who are specialized in gluten-free food but there are certain things you need to do before the event. This is your responsibility that you should be communicating all the required information to your caterer to avoid any mishap.

 Always talk to your people who will be attending the event but are gluten intolerant. So that you can know about their preferences in food, it will help you to chalk down the separate menu for them

Ask your good caterers in Mornington Peninsula to save the packaging of the ingredients they are using in the food. This will help you to trace that particular food was prepared with gluten-free ingredients. In case, any guest shows the sign of sickness and they want to verify that food was gluten-free or not. You can show them the packaging of the things used for making their food, in this way they might be aware that it’s not the reaction of the food, they have eaten at the event

If you find that the majority of people attending the event have the same problem. That it is better to prepare the whole meal gluten-free. You can ask your caterer to make gluten-free food, this will also help your caterer to be creative and they will be the focus on a single type of ingredients to prepare food. In this way, you will also ensure that nobody can mistakenly eat the food, which they don’t have to.

It is also preferable to send the questionnaire to the guest if possible. IN this way you can get their preference regarding food and that will trim down your effort of finalizing the menu

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